Inheriting all the best features of the open version, "TUNA 865 Cabin AL" provides its crew even more comfort and protection against natural adversity, making this combination virtually all-weather. The cabin's versatility is hard to overestimate: the opportunity to transform the dining table into a sofa to get settled for a comfortable overnight, a sufficient space for fencing off the galley and latrine, and even an integrated heating system. At the same time, there is still enough operational space on the fore deck and on the aft cockpit with organized hinged benches and seats.

Design category C
Power supply 12 V DC
Maximum displacement, kg 3390
Carrying capacity, kg 1700
Passenger capacity, pers. 10
Curb weight (max.), kg
Engine power, h.p. 2x255
Fuel tank capacity, l 240
Dry weight (without engine), kg 1803
Hull material 5083
Bilge thickness, mm 5
Transom height, m 0,635
Draft, m 0,52
Beam overall, m 2,37
Length of hull, m 8,58