TUNA 460 TT” is a tournament sports boat based on the hull of “TUNA 460 DC AL”. An advanced bow fish-platform with two 81 liter lockers and one central 216 liter locker. Side lockers: the right one – 173 cm, the left one – 225 cm, with 91 liter volume. 60 liter integrated narrow aerator. In order to avoid the interference during fishing, a guardrail equipment is not installed. There are stainless folding bollards installed at the bow and the aft of the boat.

Design category C
Power supply 12 V DC
Maximum displacement, kg 954
Carrying capacity, kg 450
Passenger capacity, pers. 5
Curb weight (max.), kg 475
Maximum engine weight, kg 120
Engine power recomm., h.p. 60
Engine power, h.p. 60
Fuel tank capacity, l 58
Dry weight (without engine), kg 350
Hull material 5083
Bilge thickness, mm 4
Deadrise amidships, ° 20,5
Deadrise at transom, ° 15
Transom height, m 0,51 (L)
Depth, m 0,85
Draft, m 0,31
Height overall, m 1,37
Beam waterline, m 1,5
Beam overall, m 1,84
Length waterline, m 3,93
Length of hull, m 4,59
Length overall, m 4,59